How TennisKid's has real impact.

My son, Dylan, was the first “Tennis Kid”. From the moment he stepped onto the TennisKids court, he was hooked. At the age of 3, I really didn’t think that my son would have the attention span and focus needed to play tennis at such a young age. However, “Coach Jeff’s” teaching methods combined with his assortment of age-appropriate activities created an environment that kept him focused, attentive, and wanting even more.

Fast-forwarding 5 years, Dylan is now fully immersed in the game of tennis. He plays 6 days per week including practices and tournaments. At the young age of 8 yrs, he was ranked #1 in the Southern California Boys Satellite 10 and under category. He routinely competes against kids 3 to 4 years older than him with tremendous success. Overall, his experiences have helped build his confidence, maturity, and overall character way beyond his years.

Purely from a character development perspective, I cannot think of a better sport for a child to play.  Playing the game of tennis at such a young age helps foster and instill invaluable life-long skills. Having been a multiple-sport athlete throughout my school years, I cannot think of another sport that better prepares a child for the game of life.

I hope to see your kids on one of our TennisKids courts soon! 

Greg Charlap
President & CEO
TennisKids LLC

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