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"My son has been in tennis for over a year now and we absolutely will continue. He is learning tennis techniques, advancing his skills and most importantly, he truly enjoys the lessons! The coaches are great, very positive and inclusive. They really make the sessions fun for all of the kids! I have arrived at school on several occasions to observe and everyone is having such a fun time.  The kids never want the session to end. They love it so much our school actually put in a tennis court! Thanks TennisKids for making such a positive impact for our kids! "  - Taylor Fritz’s Mom

"My son just loves Coach Nick and his TennisKids class at school!  Being a tennis teacher myself, I know that tennis is not an easy game to teach young children.  The balls can bounce too high, the court can seem too big, and it takes patience and focus for students to acquire the skills to be able to compete against each other, two things I'd say most preschoolers have a difficult time with.  

What I love about TennisKids, other than the convenience of it being onsite, is the way the program captures and keeps the interest of the students.  My son's eyes light up when he sees ALL of the targets, big and small.  He loves telling me what he hit and how he hit that day.  He and his classmates especially love the ball with the streamers attached! Coach Nick makes the class super fun and simple, focusing on one stroke each time, and his positive words of encouragement stay with my son long after the class is over.  TennisKids is a great way to introduce the game of tennis to your son or daughter! " - Declan’s Mom

"Our son Lorenzo is thrilled every week for his TennisKids class. He loves all of the different drills and games, and tries to recreate them at home with us since he demanded his own racquet to practice. We have been surprised that age 3 he can really hit the ball and know the names of different strokes. He talks about the coaches quite a bit, and wants to color his pictures that he brings home. I particularly love that the class is at his school during school time, since I have an infant also and taking my older son to after school classes has become difficult."Lorenzo’s Mom

"My son LOVES TennisKids. Each morning he asks if it's tennis class day at school. So glad that it's part of his school experience. Thanks! " - Samson’s Mom

"I LOVE this program! There are so many extracurricular programs offered at my daughter’s school, but TennisKids is by far the best. They limit the classes to only 6 kids, so Abigail gets tons of attention. The mixture of fun activities and tennis instruction really keeps her interested and focused. I love this sport and the great character-building lessons that come with it. I would highly recommend the TennisKids program!" - Abby’s Mom

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